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Why use specialists?

Updated: May 5, 2020

Canny Comms is a communications consultancy which builds technical brands without dumbing them down. We can do this because:

  • We are passionate about innovation and the technical detail

  • We have technical and operational backgrounds

  • We have considerable experience within defence, security, engineering and cyber organisations

Our advice centres on our knowledge of your audiences, as well as an appreciation of your technology. Our team includes military advisers with extensive operational, strategic and tactical experience.

And we live and breath it. We are communications and management professionals but we are also qualified engineers, pilots, military spouses, have technical degrees and veterans with operational experience within the RAF, Army, Navy, wider MOD and NATO.

Some examples of previous successes

Business development through media relations: Generating viable business leads (UK, US, Denmark and Australia) through a media launch of an autonomous maritime product. Coverage included pieces in the Times, Telegraph, Jane’s Defence, BFBS and the BBC, amongst many others, rising the Alva sentiment score for the company by 7%.

Event management and Government relations: Managing a successful duel-nation summit press conference, hosting 100 members of European media and within a six week period. Achieved by working seamlessly with No. 10, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Ministry of Defence to organise an effective conference while also ensuring commercial gain for the shareholders.

Internal communications across the globe: Designing and delivering an engagement strategy and annual programme of activity that embraced digital channels to support employees across the globe within the agreed £45,000 budget. Engagement was measured

at 100% by the externally verified employee survey in for two years running.

New website in record time: Delivering a new website, consisting of entirely new content and brand within two months and within the allotted £32k budget.

Stakeholder relations: Delivering a series of networking events and speaker opportunities to influence the start of a new contract, six months ahead of the customer’s planned deadline and therefore increasing revenue for the business.

Winning ways: Maintaining a 100% success rate of drafting winning entries for clients relevant industry and local business awards.

Successful change: Advising and managing communications throughout a successful change programme which resulted in a 73% rise in revenue.

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