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Case study: commercialising technology for defence & security

Need: Nanotechnology firm, Advanced Material Development (AMD) sought to increase the team's understanding of and access to the defence and security industry with the aim of accelerating innovation in materials science.

Canny created this brochure to explain the potential applications of AMD's technology in defence and security.  We helped them scope the solutions, defined the technologies int his context, worked with them to develop key messages, wrote the copy, took the photos and did the graphic design.
AMD defence brochure


During phase one, we analysed AMD’s technology, the potential applications and the company's positioning to develop and deliver a bespoke strategy for the defence and security market that centred on building three areas; intellectual property, revenue and reputation.

In phase two, a targeted implementation campaign, which utilised DSEI 2021 as a focal point to deliver: strengthening AMD’s insight and traction in defence and security, developing useful partnerships, building a reputation in defence and identifying future routes to market and securing R&D funding.


  • Over 100 new relationships formed with a pipeline of opportunities within industry, government and academia. This included relationships with Chief Technology Officers from the majority of the major primes, as well as relevant SMEs.

  • DASA contract worth ~£400k was secured in September, adding £8m to the company’s valuation.

  • Coverage with national broadcast and broadsheet outlets, trade, investment and scientific media outlets.

  • Providing a platform and voice for the key scientists and personnel in identified speaker sessions.

  • A suite of communications tools and marketing content with key messages to aid sales and BD opportunities.

  • Increased social media engagement and following pre/during and post DSEI event.

"Together, they helped us to create a professional image, articulate our business offering, raise awareness of AMD in the defence sector and establish a number of promising collaboration opportunities.

"…[it has]… highlighted the significant expertise of each of the Canny Comms individuals. That considerable expertise combined, enables us to confidently pursue our business goals.”

Richard Lee, founder and COO of AMD

Canny continues to work with AMD, evolving this strategy as the technologies and the routes to market grow and develop.

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