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Canny Q&A: Ewan Quayle

Ewan Quayle has recently joined Canny Comms as a freelance media officer, using his skills as a journalist to our clients shape the news agenda. His main areas of expertise are geopolitics and British current affairs. When he’s not writing for us, he’s looking after his French bulldog Arlo, playing video games, listening to podcasts and reading.

Q: What do you do at Canny Comms?

A: In my short time here as a freelancer I’ve done all sorts of jobs! My main focus is helping Canny secure the best possible media coverage for their clients and advising them on how to target news publications, but I also write blogs and other bits and pieces as and when I’m needed.

Q: What did you do before Canny Comms?

A: Before going freelance I was a journalist – well, I still am really – working at a whole range of different publications, from Newsweek covering US politics to the Lancashire Telegraph covering the local patch.

Q: What are your main interests and hobbies?

A: I’m definitely a politics and foreign affairs geek, which is partly why I’m now here as a freelancer at Canny Comms! We have excellent clients that specialise in those areas and it’s been exciting working with them. In my spare time? I’m a massive gamer and podcast fan. Also, a huge part of my life is Arlo, my French bulldog!

Q: What’s the best thing to happen so far?

A: I’ve only been here a short time but probably the most exciting things was helping book one of Canny’s clients onto the BBC Radio Four Today programme. Aside from that, it’s just been a great experience so far and it’s opening my eyes to a whole new side of the media industry.

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